Inhan Tehtaat is the largest manufacturer of aluminium boats in Europe. A vast majority of the over 100,000 boats we have delivered to customers during the past 50 years are still in use. Our design efforts have always been guided by an uncompromising pursuit of durability, practicality and first-class seaworthiness. Combined with generations’ worth of industrial craftsmanship and boat building experience, this has resulted in the high quality that has become a legend in itself among boat owners. AHT - Aluminium Hull Technology by Buster is the seal of experience, expertise and integrity we have gained in the past 50 years. AHT summarizes the uniqueness of our build philosophy - persistent improvement work, strong pride, and relentless dedication to high quality boat manufacturing. Some things in boatbuilding have changed very little over the last century; building great boats is still equal amounts art and passion as it is science and production economics.

Best in class noise reduction

Drive noise reduction creates a pleasant ride and unparalleled comfort. Hull silencing methods include damping pads on the inner surface of the aluminium hull, polyurethane foam between hull and deck as well as a soundproofing mat applied to the invisible surface of the GRP deck.



Safe even in the most demanding conditions

The safety built into the Drive boat range lies in the thoroughly tested power range, stable behaviour in extreme situations and overall economy and efficiency. The elegant design is complemented by the optimal bottom shape and carefully planned, fine-tuned details. The sturdy rails, large anti-skid treated stepping surfaces and floors make it easy to move around the boat. A Buster boat is stable even with an uneven load. The tough stainless steellocking eyelets and hull number permanently engraved in the stern prevent boat thefts. Security of ownership is increased by the long service life and high resale value of Drive boats.



Exceptionally tough

The innovative solutions, first-class materials and continuous marine testing of the Drive hulls guarantee safe handling characteristics, great performance and a long service life for the boat. Drive hulls are based upon Buster hull platforms, so in many cases the hulls have been produced and tested already for several years in the most challenging circumstances. Our grid of overdimensioned hull stiffeners make the boat durable , giving it sturdy handling characteristics, while keeping it comparably light. The rigid transom allows for powerful engines, and the carefully designed hull shape makes the boat behave consistently in heavy seas. Fair with the topsides, the rubrail absorbs shocks and protects the side of the boat. Optimal noise reduction is ensured during the manufacturing process.



Carefree and versatile

A Drive aluminium hull does not require annual scrubbing, painting or treatment –washing it with fresh water is enough to keep the boat clean and fit for purpose for decades. With your Drive, you can reach stony shores and rocky islands. A Drive is a versatile boat. Thanks to its different interior and accessory options, the boat lends itself smoothly to fun cruising, trips to the summer cottage, excursions, fishing, water sports and other hobbies. A Drive boat will also serve as a versatile workhorse for transporting goods and passengers - with much less hassle and maintenance than a GRP hulled boat.



Important environmental values

Being a market leader and pioneer is not just about technology and performance, it is also about environmental responsibility. We strive to minimise unwanted effects on the environment in both our own operations and the material selection and production of Drive boats. Our hulls are made of 80%-recycled aluminium raw materials. More than 95% of a boat's hull can be recycled. The aluminium in our environmentally friendly hulls can be recycled over and over. Furthermore, we recycle all utilisable materials generated by our operations. The exceptional durability and long life of Drive boats benefit both the boat owner and the environment. In naval architecture, we place special emphasis on optimal hull shape and low total weight of the boat. The boat's lightness also saves fuel during transport on trailer.

Marine Grade Aluminium

A light but durable material, marine-grade aluminium tolerates shocks, scratches and bottom contact without deforming or structural deterioration. It does not absorb water, nor does it burn, crack, fade or rust. Furthermore, it withstands extreme temperatures and weather, enabling you to extend the boating season from earliest spring to latest autumn. Arguably, aluminium is the best boat hull building material in the world!

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Optimized structural grid

AHT - Aluminium Hull Technology by Buster culminates in the invisible optimized structural grid that has been developed and proven in demanding conditions time and again.


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