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Ride Waves. Drive boats.

Drive Boats presents a new class of pleasure boats. Perfectly weighted steering, excellent body control, dynamic design, all features formerly associated to sport cars are now brought to the world of boating.
We could tell here about the aluminium body or Mercury engines included in every Drive, but you don’t have to get interested in technical details. We do.

You just have to hop in and enjoy. This is the drive feel you have been looking for.

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Design principles

You can recognise Drive from its unique shape and fine finishing. Still, despite the fact that our every boat is a desirable eye-catcher, design always serves functionality.

Superior manoeuvrability


Comprehensive usability


Desirable look and feel

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Drive Boats now available in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Find local Drive dealer closest to you.


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AHT-Aluminium Hull Technology by Buster ensures exhilarating driving experience, easy maintenance, safety and durability.

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DriveBoats -now in Poland.
DriveBoats participates the Stockholm boat show.
Welcome to Meri Kutsuu -boat show.
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